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Urs Gubser started his career with UBS in Switzerland as front office developer (FX, commodities and equity derivatives). During this time he launched his first startup company (DWC) as a side project. Later he moved with UBS to New York and sold his company. His first career phases were largely informed by the corporate environment of UBS and Millennium Partners (a New York based Hedge Fund). He left Millennium and co-founded two Internet startups. The first in e-Commerce retail with a concept of shop&chat while the second (Allinstant) was focused on unified communication with an attempt to combine email and instant messaging into a single platform. While the 2nd startup was able to attract a Series B round, with limited success and a down-market for Internet startups, the company faltered 2.5 years later and Urs went back to consulting for Deutsche Bank and Banc of America. 

Cultural Experiences

In 2007, he started to work for Citi (citigroup) in a newly formed unit with the aim to transform Citi’s operational infrastructure. The focus was twofold: create new platforms for scale and automation and normalize the business data and workflows among the various system and processes. Urs led a team that developed a new trade routing platform for all cash securities transactions globally. After three years, he moved with Citi to Hong Kong where he was tasked with mapping the Asian cash flows with the eventual goal to transform. While in Hong Kong he became fascinated with how people used the Octopus payment card - he became a “payment geek” and was determined to make this his next career; and upon his return to New York, he joined the emerging payments group in the Bank’s global consumer bank unit. In his new capacity he built mobile payment wallets. In 2014, the family decided to move to Switzerland (after almost 17 years abroad) where he joined SIX in the role as head E-Commerce Product. At SIX he was responsible for the strategic E-Commerce program that he created - the program aimed to close functional gaps, enter new markets and new distribution channels and also leapfrog (ThingsBy7) the competition in E-Commerce payments. From 2017 to 2018, SIX’ E-Commerce sales margin increased by around 30% which in part is attributable to the success of the program.

Urs’ combined knowledge of technology and business gives him a very unique view on any business or business process and coupled with his forward looking nature, he brings innovation and strategy to existing and new businesses. 

Urs is always ahead of his time - this sometimes translates into unique opportunities in corporate environments that can be very nutritious for the organization. 

Urs holds an MBA from Manchester University, UK

He sometimes gives speeches about the future and writes with passion about changes in society, culture and technology. He is also an enthusiastic photographer and overall tinkerer (retro computing, IoT).  

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