I am an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, project manager, consultant, strategic advisor and angel investor. 

I fill the gaps between the silos, and I am helping to transform growing organizations and processes into fully end to end digital experiences with a strategic perspective.

“How is technology changing our lives and our future?”

More importantly, how we are applying this technology will determine how we will live and work. 

I'm fascinanted with how technology and society comes together. What obstacles it tries to remove and what new challenge it creates by doing so. This cycle of innovation and cultural adaptation is fascinating to observe and to mend in a time of fast, and constant change. 

Digital Transformation is one of these topics, for companies clearly a way to improve the bottom-line, for customers it's about efficiancies. But are we removing the humanity? How do we transform and stay true to our human nature? 

These are the questions that I'm trying to address. Digital Transformation from a human point of view - not that of a machine.